A Message from Pujon Village

“ As a social welfare student, I am not only learning about social program or etc. As a social welfare student, I have been pushed to broaden my perspective about big pictures of world that affect to universal well-being. Environmental issues are included.”

Two days ago, I came back from Malang, East Java. Nothing I brought. People around me asked for souvenirs. Yet, I could not give something special for them. I smiled for ensuring them that there are actually the real souvenirs that would be given. Knowledge and experiences.

I was a one of selected delegate at International Youth Climate Summit 2016 in Malang. This event was a part of The 59th World Congress by IAAS International (You can find about IAAS). So proud to know that IAAS UB as the host has invited the WOCO delegates from Europe, Africa, etc, at that event and gathered me to all those diverse delegates. We were talking much about the climate issues, particularly about Industrial Development Versus Environmental Conservation. On that two days event, I have learned more about the issues and surprised more.

Day 1 — August 9, 2016

In the day 1, I had focused myself on the seminar and talk-show that held in Widyaloka Building, Brawijaya University. Surprisingly, the committee presented so many great speakers about environmental issues from government perspective to youth movements. Here, a little knowledge from the seminar:

Government Talk-show

Abdul Malik — Representative of Malang Regency

He talked more about the Malang vision in preserving sustainable resources, maximizing tourism sectors, formulating sustainable development strategies, and creating climate awareness based projects. He promoted about two project that relate to environment and climate issues, that is Kampung Iklim and Kampung Mandiri Energi.

Lia Zakiyyah — Representative of Indonesian Youth Actions on Climate Change

This beautiful speaker began with the commitment of government to reduce GHG (Green House Gases) emission by 2030 with international assistance. Beside, she also spoke about Indonesia’s climate change actions by these weapons:

- The stakeholders synergy

- National action plan on climate change

- Ratification of Paris Agreement

- Peat restoration agency

- National energy agency

- Green jobs => maximizing the job opportunity in green sectors (energy, etc)

Industrial Development Talk-show

Angelique Dewi — Representative of Nutrifood Indonesia as a green company

She pointed out the efforts of Nutrifood to maximize the image of green company by using the concept of triple bottom line that is:

Triple Bottom Line

Anthony Suhartono — Representative of BrandPartner

He emphasized on the brand function as strategy to contribute in environmental program by companies. The brand on environmental program, as he explained, could create a domino effect in achieving the company goal sequentially.

Youth Movement Talk-Show

Tedy Agvita Qurota Ayun — Representative of Escape.id

She talked more about the ESCAPE.id concern on Eco-tourism development. Escape.id has tried these goals; create marketing channels, build people awareness, increase accessibility, conduct the cultural exchange, boost local people economy, and develop community by Eco-tourism development.

Chris Wright — Representative of Climate Tracker

By a good presentation, he tried to explain the attendees about the role of youths in climate change issues.

Neil Soria — Representative of ASEAN Youth Leaders Association International

Neil tried to point out the AYLA roles on a sustainable development revolution by an impactful youth movement.

Vania Santoso — Representative of UNICEF Indonesia

I had attended several seminars of this inspiring speaker and I am always be inspired. At beginning, she talked about the UReport, a program by UNICEF Innovation Lab, that focused on inviting youth to speak out their opinion in the certain issues, such as environment, health, and others. After that, she also promoted the way to participate in green movement by green innovation.

Day 2 — August 10, 2016

In day 2, it was a memorable and challenging day I have ever had. For that one day, all IYCS participants went to a beautiful village in Malang regency. We must passed about a tiring one hour to get there, yet we have been surprised by the local view of Pujon village. The local culture, eco-tourism, hospitality, and other challenging experiences in the village which is located among mountains. The cool temperature could not hinder me to explore the Pujon more.

The view of Pujon Village

Surprisingly, in that day, Pujon Kidul has conducted a local festival that named Festival Warung Oblik. This festival was an expression of gratitude of God due to the new image of Pujon village as a tourism village that given by Malang regent, DR. H. Rendra Kresna. The festival was so crowded with people who wanted to know about the local assets of Pujon from crops, water tourism, culinary, and others that exhibited in unique stands along the village.

Festival Warung Oblik, Pujon Kidul Village

Having explored the stands and attended the opening welcome, we went to Bendosari village, a part of Pujon district. In this village, there were agendas that is: 5 best essay presentation, milking, and tracking to Grojogan Sewu, a wonderful waterfall in that village.

The presentation was the most nervous part of the agendas. I was selected as one of the 5 best essay, yet I did not know what would I present for. I was an unprepared person who attended the summit without any consideration about the presentation. I just made simple slides and delivered my perspective on environmental change issues in industrial development era. With just 5 minutes presentation and in English, I presented my opinion on Multisector Partnership.

After did superb and challenging presentation, we continued the agenda that was milking. This was my first experience in touching the cow, milking, and drinking the pure milk from the local livestock. The our guide also explained more about the potential of eco-tourism in Bendosari village, such as local livestock, waterfall, and also the culinary!

Then, the all IYCS participants were guided by the local youths to Grojogan Sewu. The travel was so long and full of obstacle. We had to pass the pines forest with steep and slippery way. However, it was nothing because we captured the best moments in that afternoon journey. The view was a breathtaking one with the pines along the way and the sunset behind the mountain. We did not have any idea except took the pictures.

Took picture with other delegates.

And finally, we got the place. GROJOGAN SEWU. Grojogan Sewu is still natural and beautiful. In the surrounding, we could find the traditional ritual place below the huge banyan tree . Yet, we also could find other pray facility, like mushola. It described more about tolerance picture in that place. Unluckily, I could not talked more with the humble keeper of the Grojogan Sewu because the inappropriate time. I hope I could visit this place again soon.

Cute moment in Grojogan Sewu.

That tiring journey was continued to closing reception by the committee in Bendosari village. The closing event was a knockout phase of my struggle to be here, a one of attending delegate and essay presenter. The committee would have announced the 3 best essay of all the presenters. In this session, I was like a hopeless girl that just laughing with my peer there without thinking about the result. Surprisingly, I was selected as the 3rd best essay. The first and second one are Vuth Chan Pal Kun from Institute of Technology Cambodia and Meryan Margareth S from Bandung Institute of Technology. Having reflected to my unwell-prepared presentation, I am grateful with that achievement.

The 5 Best Essay
The 3rd Best Essay

And then, the party was begun to close that remarkable night.

A Message from Pujon

This event has opened my eyes in two points; awareness and contribution. The climate change, global environmental crisis, energy, industrial development are just title of general issues that happen today. We maybe get the information about the big pictures of those. However, what would we do with those?

As a youth, I know the issue of environment is terribly urgent due to global changes in our environment. Climate change that affected by industrial development, exploitation, pollution, and other fucking human greediness is threatening our earth by the time. We cannot get the fresh air, we cannot get the clean water, we cannot go to the natural place, we cannot preserve our world paradise. The environmental crisis is still trying to make us aware of what is actually happening. Not so far to contribute — just aware. Seeing the crisis broadly. Understanding the issue deeply.

However, the people awareness is only the first step of progressive change. Our crisis is still broadening without any action to at least minimize them. At this point, our hands are matters. At this point, our movements are needed. Our earth is waiting for our contribution to make the better environment — better provision to the future generation. We cannot just in silence and enjoy the degradation of our earth. Youths are relied on making the blow. Youths are responsible for doing changes.

Pujon village with its people and natural place has brought me over. Actually, in the common societies, we need a comfortable, cozy, green, and safe place to live on. We need a fresh air, clean water, healthy foods, beautiful heritage, people smiles, and other lists that actually is not enough to describe the real prosperity of people. In that village, I don’t have any idea about the developed countries, industrial development, metropolitan area, or other pictures about the global changes that common people are needed. In my heart, I just want to be here — in a place with full of prosperity, because the people preserve their place, maintain the nature, and live with hospitality. Are today’s common people aware about this? Are today’s common people doing this?

Pujon village is always be my memorable experience about preserving the environment for better living. Pujon village is always be my lessons about doing the real action in dedicating ourselves for our places. Pujon village is a worth picture of beautiful place that could not be disturbed by the human greediness. Pujon village is always a message of how we could survive in the cruelty of future development era. Pujon village is only the local people pride — to be aware, to contribute, to preserve — our earth. Therefore, we could find the best way to come back — one day.

South Jakarta, August 13, 2016