DIY Pup-sicle Dog Treats

So I get raw, raw, raw dog food. Not dehydrated or freeze dried. I am not saying I don’t use different dehydrated or freeze dried. It is just that this post doesn’t concern them. Raw, raw, raw dog food comes frozen, moisture content intact and is intended to be thawed before you serve it. Well it never fails to leak when I defrost it. NEVER. So first off I always keep it in a Tupperware so it doesn’t make a mess all over my counters and fridge. That solves my I don’t want to clean that up issue, but I did start feeling bad about throwing out all those nutrients. So I came up with a super simple DIY dog treat to re-purpose that oh so healthy goo.

Step 1: Grab goo containers

Step 2: Grab ice tray. I just use the cheapest ice tray I could find at the dollar store, but you could use those fun shaped jobbers they have now.

Step 3: I combined two steps here so I could include a picture of my dog below. Pour goo into ice trays. If you need more liquid just add water or some low-sodium, organic broth that doesn’t have any ingredients that aren’t dog friendly.

Step 4: Once again two steps in one so I can show off Sportydoo’s beautiful face. Freeze then serve to your fur-cutie.

Do you have any super simple natural dog DIYs? I would love to hear them!

Originally published at on May 28, 2017.