It's 00.47 a.m. right now. I didn't get up at 10 like I should today; I turned off the alarm again.

I did everything I had planned for today. I cleaned my room, including the dust, and actually ended up throwing away a lot of useless papers I tend to accumulate in case they are needed (they are never needed).
I organized my desk, it's great right now. I'm in bed, but I actually want to sit there and read, write and work on something.
I organized my bookshelf, as well. It was not a bookshelf anymore, it was more like a pile of books. I had a lot of decorative stuff on it and got rid of all that. I didn't throw them away, but they're stored in a better place now (seems like they went to heaven, ahah). Anyway, now it's a bookshelf with organized books and dossiers and it's possible to take a book without anything falling.

I applied to a couple of jobs, which I'm pretty sure I'll never hear an answer from...
I think the job vacancies are filled already, but they keep being on job search websites, which doesn't make any sense. If it's filled, take the ad away.
I felt down and beaten today, because I'm not really going nowhere with this and everyone else around me seems to be successful. It's selfish, but I can't really help it.

I worked on my CV too! I got a new template and it looks better. I'm happy with it. I signed up to a jobs fair that's going to happen in March. I never went to something like that, let's see.

Tomorrow, I'm going to speak to the professor and I really don't know what to expect. He's nice, so I don't think I need to be super formal, but I want to approach him the right way. Either way, I hope to come home a bit more enlightened and hopeful. This will be my task for tomorrow.

Setting the alarm to 10 a.m. one more time.

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