We love cheese. We love yoghurt. Ice cream too, and so many other animal based products that are fundamental to our culture and heritage. But using animals to produce these goodies is extremely wasteful and destructive.

Today, we are announcing the birth of Noquo Foods to challenge the status quo and re-invent the foods we love, starting with cheese.

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Food can fix our planet and our health

Our current food system is broken in so many ways. For one, it’s the most pollutive industry on our planet, with livestock contributing to 2/3 of that. On the other hand, our dietary related health problems are skyrocketing.

Reducing animal based products is considered to be one of the most effective tools in achieving both a healthy population and a healthy planet. The recent EAT-Lancet report brilliantly summarises how this presents a huge challenge and an even bigger opportunity. …


Noquo Foods

Using science and technology we aim to develop plant based food alternatives that are tastier, more nutritious, cheaper and more sustainable for our planet.

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