Laying on the floor of the Cicada Club in Los Angeles, performing as a special guest with jazz legend Gunhild Carling (I’m the one with the violin, and she is in the red dress with the trumpet). 2017.

(A Reflection on the Times)

Like many people around the world, I’ve been in self-quarantine for over eight weeks now, which has given me some time to reflect on the incredibly obvious fact that nothing lasts. Life is impermanent, and it can at times be painful, tedious, frustrating and lonely — but it can also be beautiful, luscious, vibrant and joyous, and everything in between. As I observe myself searching for different sources of comfort and uplift, I realize that in addition to my house plants, bowls of fresh fruit and phone calls with friends, I myself might be my best source of hope.


Spoiler alert: You’re traveling through space right now. I know — It’s pretty weird, but I would call that a miracle. I reflected on this marvelous fact today at the beach with my friend Richelle, who is a consummate artist and someone who like me, is gravely concerned about the current and future habitability of our planet.

As I was sitting in the sand and looking out into the beautiful ocean, I reflected on how astounding it was that we were able to simply ride along on the surface of our planet, almost naked (except for our bikinis), totally protected…

F**k the women’s movement, for making me feel. It’s so inconvenient to feel. I would love to go on living my life, playing music, writing about other important things like the climate crisis or the music industry. I would love to not think about how to make sure that I get paid the same as a man, or about how if I get pregnant and need an abortion or if one of my friends gets pregnant and needs an abortion that we could soon go to jail for life for trying to get one.

I would love to not have…

The fact that I’m even writing this article is a little ridiculous to me. Why would anybody doubt that uplifting women is a good idea, or that it would have far-reaching benefits? Why would anybody think that women are not capable of uplifting themselves? And who does this article aim to convince otherwise?

Well, I hear you. In 2019 we shouldn’t need to explain these things, but I honestly believe that sometimes, they help. …

OK, that may have come off a little harsh, but the more you look, the worse it is. I’ve been a musician my whole life, professional for the past 10 or so years, and most of my friends have no idea how screwed we all are (yes, some of them are celebrities). They just accept the status quo and move on.

This week everyone was posting their Spotify stats on social media, and while I worked with several artists who had very good “numbers” and am proud of the engagement that all of us have gotten, I’m baffled by the…

WTF Is Happening to Us

If you’ve ever been sexually harassed or assaulted (and if you’re a woman, I bet you have), you know what it’s like to be confused, angry, maybe a little lost, and traumatized. You know what it’s like to be conflicted inside, to have so much to say and no way to say it. Maybe you know what it’s like for friends or family to not believe you, or to feel like you can’t reliably turn to your professors, doctors or police for help.

You don’t know where to put your emotions. You don’t know how to heal, you maybe don’t…

Nora Germain

Musician and Author Based in Los Angeles.

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