On a Humble — Kendrick Lamar and black hair
Vness Rising

I don’t understand how him rapping about his preferences is considered harmful to women? Would you care to further explain because you’re just saying it made you feel uneasy but didn’t clarify with logic why. You say he’s promoting misogyny or not showing enough black women yet I can give you a list of his work or videos that show otherwise. Have we become so sensitive that we can’t even address what we like, especially as artists? He isn’t saying if your hair isn’t natural it’s bad, he’s saying he’s tired of seeing things edited and prefers the unedited in it’s natural beauty. He’s legitimately saying you don’t have to keep up with these impossible beauty standards, be yourself and love yourself. You see rejection where I see acceptance and you have to ask yourself as this is an interpretive piece of art, is that truly on kendrick or is that on you?

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