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From: L’Hommage à Rosa Luxemburg by Jean-Paul Riopelle, on permanent display at my local art gallery, the Musée National des Beaux-Arts de Québec

Every time that I land after a few days away, it takes awhile to adjust. To feel like I’m home. If work is busy enough, that’s easy. I just get back into writing. But, these last two weeks, work has been slow. So I kind of rot my brain by staring at Twitter too much — a bit like staring directly into the sun, if the sun were dynamic and fast-moving and full of quips and humour and energy and analysis. But the sun is the sun — present, abundant and ironically cool to our existence. It doesn’t care if…

Nora Loreto (not endorsed by Sandy Hudson)
We’ve had a blast doing Sandy and Nora over the past year. While we’re taking a few weeks off, I thought that listeners might be interested in seeing some of the figures behind the show. Here’s a little round-up for the end of the year.

We will be back in January and we know that 2020 will be awesome. If you listen, share this with your friends, turn your family onto radical politics by sending them episodes, donate or talk positively about us on social media: thank you, thank you, thank you.


Published in Life in Quebec Magazine, May 2017

L’année 2016, année de transition, est terminée. Plus que jamais, le Québec a besoin d’un Bloc fort et uni pour mener ces combats jusqu’aux prochaines élections et, ultimement, jusqu’à l’indépendance de notre nation.” — former head of the Bloc Québécois, Mario Beaulieu announcing a new leadership race in January, 2017.

At an annual general meeting at Lucien Borne community centre in Quebec City, a building that overlooks the lower town and out to the mountains north of the city, 15 members of the Bloc Quebecois’ riding association for Quebec discuss a standard…

Tuesday, June 4 2019

To the members of the Justice Committee

RE: Submission on my own behalf, Nora Loreto

Neoliberalism and the Internet — two powerful forces that have fundamentally shifted how people understand themselves in relation to others — have created global networks for people to find each other like never before. Any interest, fear, desire or rage can find a community to call home. At the same time, people in the West report experiencing a crushing isolation that as far as we know, humanity has never before experienced.

At the nexus of these two forces are online communities…

Le 8 février dernier, j’ai passé la journée au tribunal pour assister à la détermination de la peine d’Alexandre Bissonnette. C’était une journée très difficile et très longue et j’ai eu beaucoup de temps pour réfléchir. Le lendemain se déroulait la journée nationale de réflexion sur Bouchard-Taylor pour QS.

Pendent la décision, le juge donné des douzaines (centaines?) d’arguments pour justifier et expliquer sa décision. En plus, il a dû démontrer comment la jurisprudence lui donnait le droit de réécrire, et donc de changer, la loi pour en arriver à cette décision.

Durant tout ce long processus complexe, je n’ai…

Originally published at Maclean’s on Jan. 26 2018

January is a difficult month in Quebec City. The bitter winter is at full force, and it will linger well into April. But as the month nears its end, the city’s Winter Carnival takes over some of the streets. Bonhomme smiles upon us from shop windows and houses. He reminds us that it’s going to be okay; we can have fun amid such isolating cold.

At city hall, flags that feature Bonhomme Carnaval are already hung. Characteristic carnival horns adorn winter floral arrangements. And under several flags featuring this carefree snowman mascot, the city’s mayor ends a terse back-and-forth with a CBC journalist about how safe this city’s Muslim population feels.

One week before the January 29 anniversary of the attack on Sainte-Foy’s mosque, CBC News’ Catou MacKinnon presses the mayor to comment on the fact that she has struggled to get individuals to show their face, give their name or talk publicly about how things have…

(scroll past all of this if you just wanna see the list)

OK, I know what you’re thinking.

Nora. Your 2018 was horrible. Literally nothing good came from it. And really, I agree. My family was out of our apartment for 6 of 12 months thanks to two separate floods. My career took a gigantic shit thanks to a single tweet. I became lodged in two words: one world where I wasn’t important enough to be noticed and another, where I was important enough to send one’s most creative, illustrative death threat. …

I wanted to do a full picture of who is funding this shadowy online group, but as the best laid plans never work out, here’s what you get: a twenty minute summary.

First, you need to read this first: who they are, what are their tactics, etc.

Everything here is from these filings, made public by Canadaland. You’ll notice that I didn’t look at the individual donors. That is perhaps the next step.

We know that Ontario Proud is funded mostly by developers, but what’s fascinating is how clustered their donors are. Here’s the list sorted in alphabetical order.

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One of the hundreds of threats I received, featuring Ontario Proud.

Years ago (just about 10), Rebecca Granovsky-Larsen and I got our hands on recordings through a new website called Wikileaks. The article we wrote for the Ryerson Free Press won us awards and was honestly, pretty fun to write.

The article centred on organizing meetings that were set up by Conservative operatives, working to undermine both the Canadian Federation of Students and Ontario Public Research Interest Groups on university campuses. One of the ways to do this, the recordings argued, was to set up front groups.

Front groups are great. With few resources, you can spread out your influence and…

This heatwave is starting to get to my brain. I’m unable to concentrate and I feel weird. Sitting in a hot room all day, drinking coffee — what would be ideal in February just might kill me today. Every time I need a mental break from what I’m doing, I switch to Twitter. My desktop computer is a 2009 Mac and everything has aged out on it … normal tasks leave me waiting five to ten seconds, where normally I hop over to Twitter to see the news. Except today. I’m at like hour 20 of being locked out of…

Nora Loreto

Writer and activist in Quebec City. Happy socialist but angry soccer player. Canadian Freelance Union — Unifor executive member.

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