And so the addiction to drama,

That Yearning emotion of being high on a sea of horse

Can be deadly.

For you; and others.

Creating that precious pearl of Drama

Just because sometimes we might be tempted by the Devil to darkly and sparkly reminisce

Upon that Luminous, almost “too bright” feeling of;

Say for example;

Being the Greenpeace worker standing against the harpoon

Right in front of the whale,

Taking a harpoon to the Soul for that Whale.

Protecting it;

Pearls of drama scattered about the ocean floor

And all the Steinbeck-style Pearl Divers

Hold their breath

Seemingly forever

To save these innocent-looking beauties;

Swimming hard and strong, bearing so forcefully in and up,

to Bring these Lustrous, wet, Lovely pearls to the surface

And that light;

The warmth of the sun

Beating Them

Now Calming them down

And Quiet.

Silent now.

Their voices went away with the Waves that no longer hide them.

And now. Now?

They are made into dead necklaces

Of truth

That are sometimes called