The Process of a Web Design Project

The process of webdesign project

Statistics show that the number of internet users in the present year has increased by 310% since 2005. Gone are the days when people flocked to stores to know more about a product. With the number of internet users growing every day, a well-designed website is not a luxury, but a necessary tool for reaching your target consumers and providing the information they need.

If you’re going to invest in a web design project, rest assured it’s not a complicated affair. It’s a logical series of steps that, if done right, result in a well-designed website that drives conversions. Let us take you through them one by one.

1. Discovery and scope

Here’s the first and most important part. The web designing team will sit with you to discuss and decide the goals of the project and also understand your needs. Once the targets are agreed, the next action is a formal contract between you and the agency along with a quote. After you make a deposit and sign the contract, a date for starting the project is picked.

2. Presentation of the mock designs

Based on the initial discussions, the web design team will begin working on your design. You’ll receive the mock ups during the upcoming weeks, and your feedback will be necessary. This action marks the start of a more interactive stage.

3. Feedback and approval cycles

After receiving a set of designs, you are required to choose the design that you like the most. You are also free to mix and match from the design options. If the designs don’t appeal to you, you can ask the team to rework them.

4. Coding and development

The process of coding starts after the design is finalised. The website is then put onto a development server to add the copy and test the functionality. The coding language is specified in the project brief and can be XHTML, HTML5, CSS, PHP, J5, JQuery or MySQL.

5. Testing and fixing errors

At this stage, the team will give you a link to view the site work-in-progress. You’ll regularly interact with the agency because your feedback on the various elements of the design is crucial. Any changes you require, whether in the web design, color schemes or copy, should be explicitly stated before website launch to avoid hiccups.

6. Launching your new website

After completion of the coding, testing, and quality assurance checks, you can review the completed project. All that is left now is to launch your site on the world. You can also discuss site maintenance plans with your web design company in case you may require their services in the future. After you make the final payment, your site will be officially launched.

There many web design agencies in Dubai that will help you get a quality website. But factors like the size of the team, the number of years of experience, and previous customer testimonials should be considered while choosing a company. With over 12 years in the web designing industry and an extensive clientele, Global Media Insight can help you with all your web designing requirements. For more details visit

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