New Sales from a New Audience

Jun 24 · 3 min read


In order to maintain relevance today and continue to sell tickets, the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) needed to attain new concert-goers, shifting away from their core audience: the baby boomer generation.

Key Questions

  • How do we reach and expand to new audiences?


Norbella identified a new key audience to target for the BSO: The Culturally Conscious. This is an older millennial/young Gen X with a household income of $75K+. They frequent cultural activities around Boston such as Museum of Fine Arts exhibits and concerts at the House of Blues. They are staying up to date with trends and always looking to cross items off their bucket list. We identified them as a key opportunity to expand the audience for the BSO.

We analyzed the key motivators, media consumption habits & psychographics of The Culturally Conscious. These are some major findings that adjusted our media strategy to reach these consumers:

  • They spend majority of their time on the internet and social channels


  • Use micro-influencers that speak to the culturally conscious audience to increase awareness of campaigns and drive ticket sales


  • Website traffic & organic searches increased by approximately 5% from 2017 to 2018


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