On the Origin of Force

change evolves by natural selection

I propose new way of thinking about physical laws. Hopefully it will spark new ideas. This article is not for general audience, but curious minds may find it interesting. Some knowledge in physics is required to understand it. To read article please click link below Abstract (PDF).


A novel approach is proposed. Known microscopic time-symmetrical laws of physics, or phenomena underlying them, are a source of variation for natural selection mechanism that is driven by information-related criteria. From this evolutionary mechanism entropic force emerges. This force not only implies second law of thermodynamics but may be interpreted as the origin of other forces found in nature, including gravity. Therefore, I argue that force is an emergent phenomenon and also show evidence that indeed laws of nature may be reformulated as purely entropy-driven.


Article is available here: On the Origin of Force. Older version is also available here: On the Origin of Force

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Metaevolution Theory - Comment

Proposed mechanism shines light on possible origin of physical laws.