Entrepreneurs, Beware of Bob
Arman Anaturk

Great article.

Bobs are usually somewhere on the narcissistic personality disorder-psychopath spectrum. They are all around us, and quite often, people celebrate them. Just look at the most powerful person on Earth.

Bobs prey on individuals who are vulnerable, that’s how they get what they want while also get their ego fed. And vulnerable people keep ending up with business or personal relationships with Bobs because they can’t see what’s going on. And until they don’t sort their boundaries, they will keep falling for Bobs.

Without getting too deep, both Bobs’ and their prey’s behaviour is rooted in childhood trauma. Bobs’ defence mechanism is to turn into manipulative assholes who are incapable of empathy, while the victims are subconsciously addicted to abuse. It’s a mess.

Source: hundreds of hours of researching why I had so many Bobs in my life.