I’m quitting facebook for September

New season, new experiment: I’m going to deactivate my facebook account for a month (and Instagram, too).

In the past year, I tried all kinds of hacks to control my facebook usage: turned off all notifications, installed Kill News Feed extension for Chrome, deleted the app from my phone, set up SelfControl for Mac to block it system-wide for certain times of the day… But I always tricked my system when I was bored or anxious or tired, so I think the radical deactivation is the only solution at this point.

I sincerely believe facebook IS crack, just like Instagram, Tinder, Pokemon GO or porn are. They all fuck with your dopamine system, feed the instant gratification monkey, and ultimately, rewire your brain in a not so positive way. With facebook, you become a passive consumer of your feed, you unconsciously compare your life to others, and you turn into a slave to your incoming messages. When left uncontrolled, you end up being ADD as fuck, and you’re ability to do deep, meaningful work on a high level shrinks to almost zero. At least, this is my experience.

The hypothesis: during September I will be a lot more productive, more focused and calmer that I was in August. I will probably miss out on all the events, news, and drama, but I don’t mind, I need to make space for activities that facilitate my growth. I expect great progress, and I’ll report back when the experiment has ended.

If you want to reach me during September, send me an email to norbert.dragan@gmail.com. And if the message of this post touches you, feel free to join me! Let’s make Facebook Free September a thing!

I’m pulling the plug on September 1, 15:00 CET. See you in a month’s time!