An analysis of Donald Trump’s election win and the prospects for his presidency
Tom Freeman

I’ve have read a lot of articles and responses (comments to the articles) to them on this forum for quite some time now.

This one though, is going to be hard to beat in the category of “Middle-schooler responding to …..” in the category of the Author and Commenters.

For all the articles I have read on this forum, this is the one that exposes the LEFT, that is right, the left of center ideology, as juvenile. Not for the author’s, claiming to be a journalist (which require of him to live up to the title he claims), but for the enthusiastic comments by people who did not have guts to come out of a proverbial closet as 13-year olds with post graduate writing skills.

In other words, this post exposed your juvenile nature of a liberal/progressive mind.

Congratulations. Especially to these from the USA, for letting the Brit tell you what you are again.

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