Our Top Two Scandinavian Tours in 2017

Scandinavia is beautiful, and each country offers something unique. Norway is rugged, with mountains, fjords, and a spectacular coastline. Denmark is flat, but very charming, with many fairy tale castles, beaches, beautiful old towns, and cities. Sweden has mountains in the north, rolling hills and farmland in the south, and the wonderful capital, Stockholm with its archipelago on the Baltic Sea. Finland is known as the land of a thousand lakes. During winter, you can stay in an ice hotel or igloo village in Finland. Scandinavian tours enable travelers to experience Scandinavia and all its glory for an incredibly reasonable price, with luxury travel, hotels and many meals included. Nordicsaga.com offers some unique, wonderful trips and tours around many Scandinavian countries and capitals and gives travelers a fulfilling experience. The new year brings some new, unique tours that are highly recommended, with an endless number of benefits and great destinations, including the Scandinavian Capitals. Here are some new Scandinavian tours for 2017.

Visit Scandinavian Capitals

Nordicsaga.com offers an easy way to see the main cities in Scandinavia while traveling in absolute luxury. The tour starts when you arrive in Stockholm, and you check in to a 5-star hotel where your dinner will be waiting for you. Stockholm is an amazing city and is on the recommended list of places to visit when you are in Scandinavia. Make a point to visit the metro, where you will see some incredible art inside. Your second day will be about exploring Stockholm and visiting all of the amazing attractions the city holds. Your next city will be Helsinki, which is the capital of Finland and is incredibly beautiful, and you will be exploring all of the major attractions. You will then board the ferry and travel back to Stockholm. From Stockholm,the tour continues to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. After exploring this city and enjoying another luxury hotel, your final destination will be Oslo, the capital of Norway. The entire trip is eight days long and is highly recommended. It has a number of testimonials from various travelers and has received 5-star reviews, respectively

Land of the Fjords

If you would rather concentrate on seeing nature during you Scandinavian tour 2017, this Scandinavian tour will be sure to excite you. This tour is all about understanding the geography of Scandinavia and is perfect for any traveler who wants to see all the major cities as well as the fjords of Norway. This tour includes five nights with 5-star hotel accommodation, all rooms with private facilities, with all 3-course meals included and two lunches included on days 4 and 5. This tour includes luxury coaches, trains and a 3-hour cruise on the famous Geiranger Fjord. The tour starts in Bergen, where you will be escorted to a first-class hotel upon arrival. On the second day, you will explore Bergen and then drive to the small town of Voss. You’ll then board a train and ride along the Bergen Railway to Myrdal, from which you’ll travel on the Flam railway to Flam, and then by boat to Balestrand. The journey is very scenic and provides numerous photo opportunities of waterfalls, steep mountains and narrow fjords. The trip to Balestrand involves a two-hour cruise which offers breath-taking scenery, including snowy mountain tops, wildlife and steep cliffs. You’ll spend a full day in Balestrand and experience the Fjord first hand. The journey from Balestrand to Geiranger is very scenic, it includes a cruise on the famous Geiranger Fjord. You’ll spend a night in Geiranger before returning to Oslo via Lillehammer. This Scandinavian tour is available in 2017 and is highly recommended with 5-star reviews and many testimonials.


There are a number of amazing locations and Scandinavian tours in 2017, and many of them come highly recommended, but these two are by far the best options. If you are looking for a city tour and want to visit many Scandinavian capitals, then the complete Scandinavian capitals tour is the best choice for you. It visits all the capitals and gives you the option to explore the major attractions the cities offer. If you want a more scenic tour in 2017, the Land of the Fjords tour will satisfy the photographer in you, as the journey has breathtaking nature, offering numerous opportunities for photos. Go here: http://nordicsaga.com