Malmö & Lund Tech in 2016 with views for 2017

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The largest Malmö & Lund Tech investments

The most active Malmö & Lund Tech investors

Malmö & Lund Tech in 2017

“Malmö and Lund have over the years had numerous successful tech companies sprung out of the region, including the likes of Qlik, Axis and TAT. The cities now have all the makings of a strong startup hub; a strategic location, previous successes and exits, active investors, and talent and knowledge from large incumbents and academia. 2017 is set to be yet another exciting year with a number of companies poised for rapid growth.” Björn Bergström, Investment Manager, Industrifonden

“2016 has been one of the best years yet for Malmö startups. In 2017, we see continued growth of Malmö’s ecosystem and further strengthening of the Malmö model, focused on increased openness and helping one another.” Lovisa Nicklasson & Jeremie Poirier, Co-Heads, Malmö Startups