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Swedish FinTech in 2016

Largest investment rounds

Most active FinTech investors

FinTech in 2017

”Building the Stockholm FinTech Hub will ensure that we give our FinTech companies, large and small, a world class support platform that will enable Stockholm FinTech to continue to excel. The hub will help Stockholm maintain it’s privileged position as a European financial centre for the digital age.” Matthew Argent, Co-founder of the Sthlm FinTech Hub

NFT Ventures has a positive outlook for FinTech in 2017. We strongly believe that we are just at the beginning of the banking transformation. The existing banks and the industry will realize that the new innovations, companies and entrepreneurs have created strong cost efficient solutions combined with a stronger understanding of compliance requirements, this leads to willingness to corporate.” Johan Lundberg, Founding Partner & CEO at NFT Ventures

Nordic Tech List

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