The Swedish Tech Funding Report 2017 (Interim Report)

Summary 🚀

Nordic Tech List
Jan 8, 2018 · 2 min read

657 funding rounds ⬆️ 32% on 2016

€1.2B invested ⬆️ 101% on 2016 (excluding the Spotify outlier of €800m in ‘16)

Fintech was the largest 🇸🇪 tech industry for both transactions and value

Almi Invest was the most active investor in 🇸🇪 tech

  • 13 x investments €20M+ ⬆️ 400% on 2016
  • 15 x investments €10–20M ⬆️ 500% on 2016
  • 100 x investments €2–10M ⬆️ 28% on 2016

Top Industries

The Final Report

The Final Swedish Tech Funding Report 2017 will be published in a few months. The USP of the NTL database is a direct connection to Bolagsverket and Swedish companies have a few months to file funding rounds for 2017. The final report will contain:

  • Accurate equity (secondary shares and debt funding are excluded) eg Klarna raised €51M and €31M in 2017, not €200M+ as reported by Crunchbase and others.
  • New companies, the NTL Bot captures all Swedish companies so we can track new companies from the start like Trail Games, Podme, Dots Charge, Boappa to name a few.
  • Valuations, with each new funding round we get the valuation so we will be able to report and track valuations.

We estimate that the final report will contain around 800 funding rounds.

If you have any questions please do email

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