List of all banking APIs [updated]

For banks and alternative lenders

Our clients are banks and alternative lenders that use different banking APIs to get access to loan applicant bank statements, transactions and bank account histories. Over time we've come across many banking APIs, so here is a comprehensive list of all of those we've seen.

Third-party banking APIs:

3rdVista — US-based company, focusing on SME lenders
Afterbanks — supports the largest banks in Spain, Portugal and Mexico
Bankin — French-based, supports 4 countries in Europe
Canopy — supports the largest banks in Singapore (and some additional countries in Asia)
CreditSense — supports the largest banks in Australia and New Zealand
Eurobits — supports the largest banks in Spain
eWise — supports the largest banks in Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong
Fabric — supports the largest banks in Australia, NZ, UK, Europe and the US — supports the largest banks in Germany and Austria
Finicity — supports the largest banks in the US
FintecSystems — supports the largest banks in Germany and Austria
FormFree — supports the largest banks in the US
Instantor — supports the largest banks in Finland, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Georgia, Denmark, Brasil, Mexico
Kontomatik — supports the largest banks in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Italy and Portugal
Moneytree — supports the largest banks in Japan and Australia
Nordic API Gateway — supports the vast majority of banks in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland
Plaid — supports the largest banks in the US
Pich — supports the largest banks in Spain
Proviso — supports the largest banks in Australia and New Zealand
Quovo — supports the largest banks in theUS
SaltEdge — supports large banks in 55 (!) countries
SynapsePay — supports large banks in US
Topicus Finance — supports the largest banks in The Netherlands
Yodlee — supports the largest banks in US, UK, Spain, Australia, India and New Zealand

Banks that have direct APIs:

BBVA — in US and Spain
Capital One — in US
Fidor Bank — in Germany
Monzo Bank — in UK
Nest Bank — in Poland
OCBC Bank — in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia
Česká Spořitelna — the largest bank in Czech Republic
Sabadell — in Spain
OP — in Finland

Other interesting projects:

Open Bank Project — initiative to promote open banking APIs in Europe (with support of PSD2) and other countries.

The list is not complete, but I will try my best to update it regularly, as new players enter the market. If you have any ideas for improvements for the list, please let me know:

About Nordigen:
Nordigen is transaction categorisation API tailored for lending institutions that supports transaction data from a variety of banking APIs. We provide transaction categorisation services in Spain, Finland, Poland, Germany, New Zealand, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.