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Mar 2, 2017 · 5 min read
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List for banks, alternative lenders and fintechs.

Open Banking is hailed as the most revolutionary financial regulation of the 21st century and the best thing to happen to consumer finance since the credit card. At Nordigen, we strongly believe that the worldwide adoption of open banking will greatly improve the financial lives of billions of people. We, therefore, see it as our mission to ensure the global adoption of open banking.

Our clients are banks and alternative lenders that use different banking APIs to get access to loan applicant bank statements, transactions and bank account histories. Over time we’ve come across many banking APIs, so here is a comprehensive list of all of those we’ve seen.

Aggregators of third-party banking APIs (aggregators of account aggregators):

NDGIT — supports the largest banks in Germany Nordigen — supports more than 2,500+ banks in UK, Germany, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

Third-party banking APIs (account aggregators):

Afterbanks — supports largest banks in Spain, Portugal and Mexico
Bankin — French-based, supports 4 countries in Europe
Basiq — an Australian-based aggregation platform
Bud — in the UK
Budget Insight — French-based, supports more than 300 European banks

BridgeAPI — supports financial institutions in France, Spain, the UK and Germany
Canopy — supports largest banks in Singapore (and some additional countries in Asia)
CreditSense — supports the largest banks in Australia and New Zealand
DirectID — in the UK
Eurobits — supports the largest banks in Spain
eWise — supports the largest banks in Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong — supports the largest banks in Germany and Austria
FinApi — in all relevant banks in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovenia
Finicity — supports the largest banks in the US
FintecSystems — supports largest banks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and France
FormFree — supports the largest banks in the US
Fractal — focuses only on SMEs
Instantor — supports largest banks in Finland, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Georgia, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico
Klarna — in 14 countries in Europe, the full country list can be found here.
Kontomatik — supports largest banks in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Portugal
Moneyhub — in the UK
Moneytree — supports largest banks in Japan and Australia Neonomics — supports more than 1300 banks in Norway, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Lithuania, Czech Republic
Nordic API Gateway — supports the vast majority of banks in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland

Nuapay — supports banks around Europe Openwrks — operates in the UK and any country from which they are posted
Plaid — supports the largest banks in the US
Proviso — supports the largest banks in Australia and New Zealand
Quovo — supports the largest banks in the US
SaltEdge — supports large banks in 55 (!) countries
SynapsePay — supports large banks in US
Tink — in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Spain, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal
Topicus Finance — supports largest banks in The Netherlands — 6 countries supported:

Truelayer — supports UK, Ireland and Germany (BETA). In 2020 planned expansion in the EU starting with France, Italy and Spain

Yodlee — supports largest banks in the US, UK, Spain, Australia, India and New Zealand

Banks that have direct APIs:

ABN AMRO — in The Netherlands
AIB — in Ireland and the UK
Arbejdernes Landsbank — in Denmark
Axa Bank — in Belgium
Bank of Ireland!/ — in Ireland and the UK
Bank of Scotland — in the UK
Barclays — in the UK
BBVA — in the US and Spain
Belfius — in Belgium
BNP Paribas Fortis — in Belgium
bunq — in The Netherlands
Capital One — in US
Česká Spořitelna — the largest bank in the Czech Republic
Citi — in the US, UK, Poland and Russia
Crelan — in Belgium
Deutsche Bank — in Germany and across the EU
de Volksbank — in The Netherlands
DNB — in Norway
Erste Group — in Austria, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania
Fidor Bank — in Germany and across the EU
Handelsbanken — in Sweden, the UK, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and The Netherlands
HSBC — in the UK
ING — in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Germany, Austria, The Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, France and Romania
Intesa Sanpaolo — in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Hungary, The Czech Republic and Ukraine
KBC — in Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, The Czech Republic and Slovakia
KBC Ireland — in Ireland
Lloyds Bank — in the UK
Moneyou — in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Austria
Monzo Bank — in the UK
Metro Bank — in the UK
National Bank of Greece — in Greece
Nationwide Building Society — in the UK
Natwest — in the UK
Nest Bank — in Poland
Nordea — in Finland
OCBC Bank — in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia
OP Financial Group — in Finland
Piraeus Bank — in Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia and Ukraine
PrivatBank in Ukraine
Rabobank — in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg
Raiffeisen — in Austria, Ukraine, Slovenia, Serbia, Russia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus and Albania
RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) — in the UK
Sabadell — in Spain
Santander — in Spain, the UK, Portugal, Germany and Poland
SEB — in Sweden
Spar Nord Bank — in Denmark
Standard Chartered — in the UK
Starling Bank — in the UK
Swedbank — in Sweden
tide. — in the UK
Triodos Bank in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain and the UK
Türkiye İş Bankası — in Turkey
Ulster Bank (Nothern Ireland) — in the UK
Ulster Bank (Rest of Ireland) — in Ireland
Yorkshire Building Society — in the UK

VakifBank — in Turkey

Other interesting projects:

Open Bank Project — initiative to promote open banking APIs in Europe (with support of PSD2) and other countries.

We’re updating this list as new players enter the market, but if we’re missing something, do let us know:

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