The powerful reign over fidget spinners.

I did not understand how popular fidget spinners were until this week. 
These office toys are designed to give the same satisfaction without the disturbance of popping bubble wrap or clicking a pen.
They are a resource toward mitigating anxious behavior.

Fidget spinners allow us to feel powerful at times when we do not feel in control.

We are feathers in a storm.
To know the flick of a finger can bring into motion a desired change,
its weight creating a satiating movement,
like pushing a row of dominoes;
we did this like it was nothing.

In a world where it is hard to feel like there is control of much, 
we can feel like giants experiencing the monstrous result of our tiny action.

This is how we regain footing.
Some small part of us can pull down towards the ground.

A toe, maybe two, press themselves back to a familiar place. 
They press on so that we can establish some command of our rapidly moving lives.

It is a reminder that we are capable of creating an improvement.