Tips for a Healthy Relationships Between Husband And Wife

For healthy relationships, no partner should be a dictator over the other. You should also not be led by emotions. Do not be violent

How to improve your relationship with your spouse

During marriage, husband and wife promise each other to be by their side throughout in this life. In most cases, things turn otherwise and there are divorces taking place daily throughout the world. In most cases after marriage, it’s not the people who change but both parties don’t know what is supposed to be done for healthy relationships.

What you are supposed to do in marriage to have healthy relationships ?

  • Be partners in decision making process- make decisions as a family. Don’t let one part impose the decisions to the other. There will be much more harmony in the family every party takes part in the decision making.
  • Be careful of your words before speaking- sometimes people speak without thinking especially when they are upset. When you are angry, be composed and wait until you calm down before continuing the conversation.
  • Show affection- be gentle, kind and loving to your partner whatever the situation.
  • Be your spouse’s friend- take your spouse as a friend and not just a lover. Share your secrets together, show interest in your mate’s life, play around the house as you would do with your best friend.
  • Show appreciation- appreciate what your spouse does for the family. Never let your spouse know that they are not doing enough for the family. If you feel that your spouse is too lazy, never let them know what you think about them but encourage them to work harder in a friendlier manner. Appreciate everything your spouse does for the good of the family.
  • Work together in the house- help each other with small chores in the house like cooking, washing. Do together these chores for healthy relationships.
  • Talk- communicate to each other. Let your communication be accompanied by body languages, touching and maintaining eye contact. Whenever you have a challenge, speak it out and let your partner help you find a solution.
  • Forget past problems- once a problem has been solved, put it behind you. Don’t attack your partner with what they did long ago.
  • Live a simple life- appreciate what you have and live the life you can afford. Don’t envy other people’s relationship as it may end up ruining yours. Compare your life with those who have less than you have and not those who have more than you have.
  • Give your spouse time alone- sometimes your spouse may prefer to be alone. this does not mean that they don’t want to be with you, maybe they are thinking of better ways to be with you.
  • Realise your mistake- Admit your mistakes and correct them.
  • Mind your discussion topics- don’t bring up topics that upset your partner for discussion

What you shouldn’t do in a relationship?

For a good relationship, no partner should be a dictator over the other. You should also not be led by emotions. Do not be violent; allow to solve your problems amicably without using force. This will lead to better solutions and healthy relationships.

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