To those who spread misery

To those who spread misery; the ones who need light, you can be a firefly with wings made of sparkle and fly around them circling their bodies, orbiting around their head, your fluttering wings dropping love letters. Fly so rhythmically it forms a halo of light, like how the moon orbits earth causing smallest and largest of the water bodies to stir. Let the stir be gentle but firm.

To those who spread misery; the ones who need hydration under the scorch of our everyday life, be a fresh water fall. With every alive drop of yours sprinkled and sprayed on their tired souls, rejuvenation will come. Allow them to dive into your honesty, let a splash of you be cool and calming, washing dust off from bodies rendered motionless from the weight of their own ego. Let the pace of your flowing love like the waters of the stream, be a summon to those who wish to love too. Let your fluidity pour as holy water into someone’s pit of despair. Make your resilience the push on boulders crushing their hearts, blocking their flow. Let sweet spring water from the valley of your treasured thoughts stir them up. Let the stirring be gentle but firm.

To those who spread misery; the ones who need shine, be the first speckle released upon the burst of a fire cracker throwing out trails of many more colorful speckles. Let combustion of emotions and heat of the moment guide you to crack shells of fear, probe you to ask tough questions, inspire you to inspire them to pursue impossible inevitable journeys of the human experience. Be forgiving to those who spread misery to you although it may be hard but it’s easy to remember that they are much more miserable than they look; for much like a volcano we humans burn within ourselves for long periods before we can erupt and burn someone. To err is to be human and being human leaves no room for vanity but gives you an entire life to learn humility. Such are the mysterious clockwork cycles that run, and until we learn; our flaws get presented to us continuously. So to those who spread misery give them the gift of vulnerability that you too, share with them. Then add some humility so they may see the power lies within you and within them, and use the burn as a fuel for flight. Let fire within them be stirred by eruptions within you, that will power vessels of their potential. But let the stirring be gentle yet firm.