Bernie or Bust Supporters Continue to Sabotage Clinton Just to Prove a Point
Sasha Stone

This “article” is so full of sh1t it’s not even funny, but I laughed anyway. Really? Bernie supporters were sabotaging Killary from the get-go?

The problem is, Killary in collusion with the DNC stole the primary. It’s not that she won it. I’d have no problem if it was a fair primary, all votes were counted, and there were few discrepancies. The fact that the exit polls generally swung to Bernie while the primary swung to Killary is evidence enough to convince me it was rigged. Bernie won caucus states. The DNC found out it’s really hard to rig a caucus, so they tried to get rid of them.

Sasha, you are a shill. You ignore the facts to try and further your own agenda. This isn’t about keeping Trump out of office, this is about sending a message that our political system is rigged, and you are only helping it stay that way.

As far as my vote, I’m voting Jill. Not because I’m throwing a fit or a tantrum, but because my conscience won’t let me vote for either Trump or Killary. They are both the same.

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