Local trip in Sendai

It is a trail that makes us feel “wabisabi”. It means traditional Japanese beauty.

In this article, we will introduce the spots where you can feel the local atmosphere of Sendai.

“LIVE+RALLY PARK” is recently build in front of Sendai City Hall.

This bench can also be used as a cajón, and you can tap the rhythm by hitting it.

It is the “jozenji-dori” that is main street of Sendai.

This is the “Suzuki Sewing Machine Shop” we visited for the first time here. It is said that the cafe is on the first floor and it is a drinking bar on the second floor, and the sewing machine shop is operating in the back building.

Fashionable cafe we found for the first time.

Looking from afar, it looks like an ordinary building, but when you come near the entrance, the entrance is Japanese style. It is a compromise between Japanese and foreign.

Like the building introduced before, the first floor part is Japanese style. We noticed that bicycles tend to be located on stylish landscapes.

We visited a shop that offers a service that can carve a name in a unique wooden bid in Japan. The wooden bid made for us was so cute.

Sendai Mediatheque is a landmark in Sendai.

It is the daytime scenery of “Kokubun-cho” which is the busiest downtown in Northeast of Japan. In preparation for the bustle of the night, carrying-in work has been doing, and a lot of trucks are stopped.

It is the first permanent “yose” of Sendai recently made. There is the name of the entertainer who is related to Sendai. At the opening time, the sound of the Japanese drum sounds in the street.

“Imosen” is a restaurant where you can eat really delicious soba and tempura. Western style music flows in the Japanese-style room, it is very nice to spend.

In “Hikoichi”, you can enjoy Japanese sweets in a Japanese style atmosphere. Owner often do “uchimizu”. Uchimizu is the old Japanese custom of sprinkling water in streets to lower the temperature.

This is a trail with “Imosen” and “Hikoichi” used also in the cover photo. Bamboo walls and cobblestone are very nice spots.

This beautiful pattern is a Japanese paper used in the decoration of the Sendai Tanabata Festival.There are many kinds of paper, I will fall in love. Anyone can buy it.

“Hayashiya” sells various kinds of “geta”.”Geta” is traditional Japanese footwear.

There is “Ramen alley” near Sendai station. A ramen shop named “Tenka ippin” is a landmark.

“Taikichi” is a “Taiyaki” shop in Sendai. Taiyaki is a fish-shaped pancake filled with red bean paste. The contents of the grill are various, such as the classic ogura-an, zunda-an, limited-time menu and so on.