This is about the time I chose not to die.
Mike Monteiro

Hi, I suffered depression in the past while raising all by myself my two children in Europe.. I remembered very well the sense of helplessnes, I had to do a great effort to raise from bed, I felt that everything was lost, and from a neighbour I only get the order to get it over.. I was desperate, it is really something that almost impossible to manage by yourself.. After medications which were not the right ones and caused me going even downwards, I started to imagine that I had everybody against me and if I died noone really would care and I still think of that.. I get back to my country now and at the end I had to give up my children, born in America to my ex-husband or I would say my partner because even my marriage in Us was granted in Europe..Oh, my god , I guess I need to be happy beacause I am still alive.. I cannot believe the diversity of people who dont give a shit about the other.. and scuse my words .. Its not me, because I always care about the other..

It makes my cry to think this over..

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