You Work in Advertising
Sweet Georgia Pancakes

Dear God in heaven, I spent a lifetime in advertising (non-USA). I travelled and worked half the world, and my career lasted from 1955–2010 when the last job dried up. I still publish books on graphic design and advertising history. I didn’t recognise one single thing in this story, but admit to never working IN the USA although I did some creative work for Winchester in 1982 (and out of Australia).

It was a great and rewarding life, with ups and downs, but as predominantly an independent maybe my work ethic was different from those she describes. However most of those I had the privilege of working with from other agencies were hardworking, and professional and put in the hours necessary to create good work — not necessarily for Clios.

Yes, we played hard, and we worked hard and it was a stressful existence in many ways. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything!

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