One World…

Something started to move, there was nothing but the darkness, the stillness, and a postulate tomorrow that may never certain and always nominal.

In this world the animal in it now habiting it seek one truth, to live forever. By animals I mean the natural world around us humans. They cannot live forever so they reproduce and ensure their offspring’s live on to produce more young ones that may carry on the tradition of truly living forever. That is how they have solved that problem. But the people want the same thing too.

We celebrate our “Earth Day” while others celebrate another day of life.

We seek to solve this problem in a different way since we not only survive but thrive we choose to independently live longer and perhaps for an untold amount of time through science. We are now choosing transcendence, which is something not of nature’s direct design nor approval.

Would you just sit back and let your brothers and sisters die?

Would you help lift them even if you had all the might.

We all do cherish all the gifts that our holy god has given us

But we all can’t fly.

So as creatures with a better heart and brain we should do what we must.

It’s easy to look out the window and shed a tear or a thought and simply wish you could help, you can, you just choose not to.

I’m not talking about feeding stray cats or bears. And I’m not talking about the politics of it all.

Nonsense. I’m making an appeal to your lifestyle, and his, and hers and all your family members and friends.

That boy you’re taking too is truly your brother, and so is his pet snake. Stay with me because there’s a bigger picture here.

It’s their world too…