The Destroyer of Worlds

Before anything and before everything there was I. I existed before existence itself. I’ve wondered accords what mostly is comprised of an empty void, mostly useless spaces or clouds of nothing interesting going on in distant galaxies. Some interesting star stuff had caught my interest but nothing but a black hole. Everywhere I find them they always seem to get bigger than the last one but that could easily be another temporal effect by another deity of whom I am unfamiliar. I only know myself and what I would like to do. As in, I have the power to so, therefore, I must destroy whatever I come across. It’s the only way to clean up this messy existence — thinning out the heard sort of say — as I flew through space I came across yet another black hole quite typical but before I got to the actual black hole to take a closer look I noticed a small object whisked past me almost as fast as my usual light speed travel. I went for a closer look and it was the strangest device I’d ever resembled nothing I had ever seen and I’ve seen quite a lot but apparently not enough. Ahh… times like these are when I enjoy what it is I do. For so long I had waited for something exciting and dynamic for me to discover and here it is. I followed the path of this object comprised of mostly the metallic element — different kinds of it I might add — quite brilliant too, and I think I might know what it’s meant to do. And that means I’ve stumbled across a planet with something smart enough to sting materials around it together to better understand the world around it. Ohh, I must meet this creature. I quickly took off and arrived in a planetary belt system comprised of mostly hostile worlds, at least hostile to anything comprised of anything that could fall victim to the fate of time or cease to exist for some reason, unlike me. Hmm… nooo… these aren’t the kind of places where something like that would come from. No simple natural force could have put that together like that, something from the natural world took the time to string that up. Wait, let me follow the exact path of the thing I saw. If it wasn’t these then where wait a minute. Oh, I see, a little closer to the star holding everything together here, and… there, yes there it is. Hmm so from that oversized asteroid came that object. Wait, just a little closer…. Yep, those are smaller rocky worlds orbiting closer to this yellowish star. I would have never have guessed it but this little planet has a lot to offer. All these beautiful creatures, wow, and there’s this one. They call themselves the “humans.” Interesting, Hominid Mammal makes sense. I took their form and wondered inside of the tiny world for what was meant to be a short while which turned into what I would assume to be centuries. I’ve witnessed them change so much, turning more complex each millennium. Their concept of time is different but based on a structure and an order in which I admire. They could truly do great things these odd-looking creatures, truly odd indeed but so fascinating. You get so removed in a different size and power you forget about the little world living right underneath your fingers. They’ve surely made mistakes but they make up for it with their kindness and pursuit to make this little home of their ever more perfect and peaceful and that is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witness, that even a god of destruction would come to a little planet like this and discover a whole new meaning of life and the love of it. So much potential for a better world and they could very well colonize other world and galaxies, they sure do spread as the virus of their kind should. I’ve lived within them for a long time now and enjoyed their company, I have gotten to see their beauty and truth. I’ve seen them come close to destroying themselves and dooming their world many times. And I’ve also got a front row seat at some of the longest wars they’ve fought, killing themselves and other animals and yet building and caring for others and their little world in the corner of an insignificant little galaxy in an insignificant universe. I’ve managed to solve my loneliness problem for a little while though.

Ever so pathetic but I suppose it’s time I moved on. But before I go I’ll blow up this planet. Then destroy that black hole in the middle of it all before leaving this galaxy in rubble and pieces. It’s time to start over because this place is filled with filthy monkeys who build weird things.