Don’t be a fool- Be a tool for Change.

You would never believe me if I told you a story about an Island, filled with treasures that could make all its people rich, yet they are so poor. An Island with natural beauty, from the rouged misty mountains to the deep valleys, and the green lowlands that meet the blue waves of the Pacific Ocean. Some say the Island is made of gold that floats on the seas of oil and breaths out gas. The short 2 minutes video below shows how beautiful this country is yet we never get that much tourist compare to other Pacific Islands. All the natural resources that could build castles in that small Island country and make its citizens live a fairy tale life. But, that’s not the case here, you see. Because of some selfish, corrupt and power hungry individuals who have put their own interests above everyone else. This is the story of my home country Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Scenes from around Papua New Guinea. Video by via their Facebook Page:

Not, so long ago the Papua New Guinea Kina, which is the currency of the PNG was almost or equivalent to the Australian dollar. But today, K1 which is like a dollar ($1) would get about 40 cents Australian, at an exchange rate of 0.42. There used to be a time when, I remember growing up, a $1 could last me a few days. There used to be a time when we never needed that much money to get by and the little we had would be just enough to get us through.

But today, the government have run the country into a sinkhole, with each year that passes its slowly going deeper into that hole with no sign of stopping. We, weren’t always like this, back in those days, if I remember my history we had only one copper mine and that was just enough to run the whole country the size of Sydney. Today we have over five (5) plus mines of the world’s leading mining companies, mining the gold, oil, gas and copper in PNG but the country hasn’t seen any major change. Since, we got our independence on the 16th of September 1975, from Australia.

There are roads that were built back in the colonial era by the Australian and PNG workers, with bare hands are still been used today, even when those roads are not in any conditions to crater for the commuters. There are schools, which have gone from looking like a school to a war zone buildings with bullet holes and half torn roofs, which are still being used today. There are hospitals, in the major cities and other rural clinics which have no medications and proper medical kits, to even run them. That’s how bad the country has gone, from a very bright and young flourishing nation to this dirty and sad sight.

Now, you young men and women, it’s time to stand up for what is best of us the future players of this country. This coming National General Election, please vote wisely and ‘DO NOT RECYCLE’ those old bags who have built their empires and forgot about us. This coming election will determine our future, for what we do now will make us who are tomorrow. Remember, change starts with you, change starts when you rise up and stand with the rest of the young men and women who have been fighting this battle. Remember the hashtag #TakeBackPNG and how students in the Universities lost their lives, trying to force a challenge to the government for your democracy and rights. The rights to have all the basic human needs, the need to have proper health care, a hospital with medicine and sick bed. The right for a better education system that can see kids from the rural areas has access to these things, to learn how to read and write.

Keith Jackson’s and Friends- PNG Attitude

Do not be a fool, be a tool for change and make the wise decision and vote out this corrupt government that’s killing us all in our progress to a better tomorrow. Do not be a fool, be a tool for change today, that our tomorrow might be good somehow. If we keep recycling those leaders, and expect them to change, then we won’t see any changes. Like they say, you can never teach an old dog new tricks. They are bad for our future, they are bad for our country’s economy, they are bad for our country’s health. Now, is the time to be a tool for change, this coming election in July 2017, will be the great opportunity for us to really ‘Take Back PNG’. Now, is the time to see a change, Papua New Guinea, a PNG where your child can have all the basics needs we grew up not having abundance of it. Don’t you want to see your kid happy like every other kid in the world, that day starts today when you go into the polls to cast your votes, this coming July. Think not for yourself but think about the kid that’s beside you or yet to be. Do not be a fool, but be a tool for change and vote wisely. Together we can change these bunch of corrupt politicians that’s been eating away our country for too long.