Ciao Paisano, my name is Santino, Santino Castellano.
Reginald Alphonso Marshall-Howard

Let me leave you with this more uplifting quote (Xenophon was a HUGE influence on Machiavelli): “But, my son, have you forgotten the discussion you and I once had — that it was a great task and one worthy of a man, to do the best he could not only [1] to prove himself a truly good and noble man but also [2] to provide a good living both for himself and his household? And while this was a great task, still, [3] to understand how to govern other people so that they might have all the necessaries of life in abundance and might all become what they ought to be, this seemed to us worthy of all admiration.” — Cambyses, king of Persia, to his son Cyrus (Xenophon’s Education of Cyrus 1.6).