Today, I have some exciting news to share: Tapglue got acquired by Localytics and our team is joining the Boston-based company to keep focussing on our mission: helping mobile apps drive growth and engagement. With the team, products and resources that Localytics has in place, we will be able to have an even bigger impact on the industry. We’re excited to have a new home and keep pushing to make mobile apps more successful. Localytics also announces to open an office in our home town Berlin, which will be led by the Tapglue team.

We have known Localytics and their…

This post was originally published at the Tapglue Blog.

Every new product or feature that is launched based on a community of users has the same chicken or egg problem. As long as there are not enough people to fuel the community, it will be difficult to attract and retain new users for this product or feature as the benefit of the community is small. We call this the Empty Room Problem.

Once the community gets bigger and engagement increases, it will become much easier to grow — the bigger the community, the bigger the value for each individual. …

This blog post was originally published on the Tapglue Blog.

Surely you heard this many times before: The retention problem is one of the biggest for mobile app developers today. Many apps struggle to attract users and struggle even more to retain them. There is a powerful tool that I think more developers should leverage to increase user retention: the activity feed.

What exactly is a social activity feed?

As the name suggests: It’s a feed that shows the activity of people a user is connected with. …

This post was originally published on the Tapglue Blog when we launched our private beta a few weeks ago.

We are very excited to present Tapglue to the world. In our first blog post, we’d like to tell you a bit more about why we think it is a valuable service for the tech world, what our underlying assumptions and hypotheses are and how we think it can help app publishers and developers all over the world.

First, I would like to give you some context on what we actually do. Tapglue is a platform that enables developers to build…

Did you review your mobile app install campaigns from a research perspective already?

Facebook’s mobile app install ads are extremely popular amongst app developers these days. They have become the user acquisition channel for many developers who want to drive quality users to their applications. The main reason for that is the very granular and efficient targeting criteria that empower you to reach your campaign goal. More relevance for the user means better performance in terms of click-trough rates, conversion rates, cost per install and retention. But besides the best possible CPI there is another thing that you can leverage Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities for: user research.

Although advanced tracking technologies collect more…

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