The annoying thing I’ve noticed is that over the years, my reading of books have become less and…
Maggie- I love writing reading and discovering

As a “published” (On author, I will admit to this.

Often, when I watch either movies, or television, I find plot lines so “lame”, or stupid, that I re-write the story, as I would have presented it.

In my opinion, one does not NEED a degree, computer skills, or to read 1,000 books, per year, to be an author/writer.

All one needs is PASSION, about a topic/subject. If you feel a show, or movie, would be better, if presented, in a different way, and you write about this, then you ARE a writer.

I know this to be fact since I have written over 90 stories, myself. Most are my own creation, but a few have been about how differently I would have handled a plot line.

Remember what I was told when I asked How many stories must I write, to be considered an author?

The overwhelming answer was that: If you enjoy writing, then you are a writer. If you enjoy walking, then you are a walker.

Follow your heart, and soul. If it leads you to the written page, then enjoy the experience.

I find nothing more fulfilling, then knowing that (so far), I have over 100 readers, for my work. If my writing brings them joy, all the better.

All my best, for your writing SUCCESS!

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