Science is what made America great
Ethan Siegel

I am sorry but I must, atleast, PARTLY, dis-agree. The fact is that, without Immigrants (the BACK-BONE of America), there would be NO science, or innovation.

It is in fact German (Not Nazi) scientists, who gave America our space program.

It is the Russians (Not Communists), who gave America Vodka, and many of the great classics of literature.

It is the German immigrants, who wanted to build news lives, who gave America such concepts as Land Stewardship, Innocent until Proven Guilty, and the art of fine beer making.

From the Italians, and the French, have come to worlds finest foods.

And the list just goes on, and on. It is the PEOPLE, not science, which made America great. Without the peoples determination, to overcome obstacles, “science” would not even exist.

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