Why I Love Reading Real Books
Andrew Merle

I LOVE reading physical books as well. I find it a calming experience. If I have something to do, I set a timer, to remind myself when to stop reading.

With the ultra-FAST pace, of the digital age, I find it reassuring that there is a place where NON-tech-heads can find relaxation.

Sure, e-readers can store hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of stories, but its just not the same as holding a physical book, in ones hand.

Just like the internet, and e-mail, is a very poor substitute, for the written letter.

Personally, I am looking FORWARD to the day, when computers become so complex, that ONLY their designers, and programmers will understand them.

This is when I think that the age, of the written page, will RETURN, like a tidal wave.

It will be the computer programmers, who will be left behind, since they have NO comprehension, of being human.

Book readers understand HUMANITY, since we READ this, in the pages, of our books.

Long Live the Written WORD!!!!!!!!

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