Character Matters

The sun came up again today, leaving me a bit surprised. It had an orange cast to it like a giant cheese puff, lacking substance, but bright, shiny, and appealing albeit in an unhealthy way.

And then I remembered we elected a bigot, a buffoon, a bungler. A man with an easy sense of entitlement and fingers that go a tweeting.

It’s probably true that Hillary Clinton should have focused more on the policy differences with her opponent than character. She gave the American People too much credit when she focused on Donald Trump’s character which by any criteria is abysmal.

Trump supporters bought into the idea that as long as his issues are aligned with their’s character didn’t matter. But character is that which we rely on when deciding to trust someone or not, to believe that they will follow through on their promises. If one lacks character, there is no way to predict how they will behave but you can assume it will be in their interest, not yours. Honesty, empathy, and reliability are paramount.

If dishonest in one area how can we rely on it in another? Will his supporters suffer buyers remorse? Will they be embarrassed just a little?

I’ve asked. They seem reticent to answer. They repeat their assurances that they are not racists, they are not misogynists, they are not xenophobic, but they fail to answer the question. They’ve closed their eyes tightly hoping that when they open them, all will be well. I think they’re embarrassed by him; I think they’re having second thoughts, but like him, many of them lack the character to say so. Like a cheese puff left out in the rain, they are truly deplorable.

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