I wanted to share something short with the people that I do not usually do. This is directed to no one in particular, but rather the people all over the world who may wish to strive for self improvement. In my opinion only, it may be beneficial for one to recognize the seriousness of knowing self, listening, trying your best to avoid hypocrisy, and understanding points and views of others with an open mind. These are some key components that may serve as an aid to prevent anger and conflict within your life. Knowing self will help you understand that you cannot look past mistakes that you make with other people, but get upset when the people you know so happen to make the same mistakes. It is impossible to be angry at someone who makes a mistake or does something you are not in favor of when you are aware of self and comprehend that you yourself have done the same thing at some point in time. Knowing this may open a gate where one will be able to express feelings in a more amicable way to resolve an issue solely because you recognize a flaw within yourself that occurred at one point that someone else is now doing. By no means should you let people you know do what you don’t do to them, but from the majority of my experiences with people this is hardly the case; it is usually someone forgetting they too have done the same thing. Some of these things may include even small things such as not responding to a message from someone you know, but becoming aggravated when that person does it to you. You may have had a good reason or excuse, but it’s no different from the other person’s excuse or reason as to why they did it. Self denial seems as if it is a strong thing that may be occurring in different scenarios within the lives of people. If one is not excepting and has awareness of self flaws, would one not think that it may lead to a problem? It may possibly all begin with knowing self.


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