Lets get organising…

First and foremost, I’m not going to lie — I am awful at being able to organise my time and to ensure I get everything completed in time for my deadlines. With this in mind, I decided to look at ways I could make it easier to organise myself.

There is the traditional methods, using pen and paper, or using sticky notes but although it works for some people — it doesn’t work for me. I’ll jot down some notes, make a to do list or whatever, and inevitably I’ll end up forgetting about them. I’ll lose the piece of paper or they’ll just end up getting lost in a sea of notes.

There are, however a number of digital services that make it easier to organise yourself. Thanks to one of my fellow peers, I remembered about something I’d used in previous university proects, a web based service called Trello.

Trello works by allowing you to create boards, whether it’s for working on projects like a university project, redesigning a kitchen, or something completely different… it makes it easier to organise yourself, this ensuring you don’t waste your time repeating something you’ve already done. The best thing about it, is that it’s all online. You can go anywhere in the world and be able to access it from anywhere. You are also able to create teams, and add people to the board and work on the same project.

This is an example of what a Trello board looks like

What I like about Trello, is that it gives you the ability to organise the board to suit your style of organisation. You are able to create as many or as little lists as you require.

Most people/companies will use the following styles of board to be able to organise their work. The most common styles are typically “Scrum” and “Kanban” boards. These boards are fairly similar to each other, though have some differences. Ultimately they are separated in to at least three columns, with each column referring to the progress of specific tasks.

For my final major project, as I’m working on my own, I’ll most likely use a “Kanban” style board. To me, this seems like the most logical style to use as they typically are split in to three lists/columns. The first list/column is typically called “To Do”, and contains all the tasks that need to be completed. The second list/column, is usually called “In Progress”, and contains all the tasks you are currently working on. The third column is usually called “Completed”, and contains all the tasks you have completed.

This is the Trello board I’ve created to make it easier for me to organise the work I need to do

There is a great article, highlighting the differences between the two types of board here.