The Dilemma of Personal Growth

“Let the boy be, just let him be” — D’Angelo Barksdale

Recently I had an opportunity to meet with a great friend of mine. We did the casual catch up routine, but it shortly turned to a conversation of true substance. The discussion topic itself was impactful, but the way my friend ended the conversation has stuck with me ever since. That nugget revolved around personal growth.

Personal growth is something that occurs everyday. Personal growth takes time. Personal growth is not easily defined. Selfishness can lie in not realizing that enlightenment does not take a defined path. As individuals, once we experience some form of enlightenment there is a natural expectation that our peers should realize the “truth” we ourselves just recently discovered. It is not practical to think in that fashion.

In the end, I think we should take time and patience in realizing that we all reach that point of understanding at different times.

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