Good stuff.
Tiago Forte

I don't think these forces are fake or disappearing, just that aren't really cults in the way we think of cults. No one explicitly promotes individualism (well, maybe it's a bit different in the US — but it's sure to be less ham-handed than "individualism is great"). What makes it possible is human tendencies + dissolution of forces that traditionally worked against it (some of it which might have been more properly characterized as cults: the church, local community, etc).

And because I don't approve of the new cults doesn't mean they won't take hold regardless :p

I would be quite incapable to predict the future of human culture (that's a tall order, innit?). Like most everyone I didn't saw Brexit & Trump coming. I *think* it's going to get better in the long run. Young people raised with the internet seem, on the whole, rather decent. Atomization (Chapman as well) is real, but we can probably make our peace with that somehow.

It's a bit of a catch-22: if you're willing and able (more people willing than able), you're probably a previous snowflake and your view of the world is completely un-representative. So you'd have to conduct serious social science research (tricky, even if you're paid to do it) to have an informed opinion. Even our social surrounding is highly biased, see this post by Scott Alexander that makes the judicious comment that in his whole social circle, there isn't a single person that would qualify as a "normal everyday God-‘n-guns-but-not-George-III conservatives of the type that seem to make up about half of the United States".

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