Introducing Nort Finance

A new generation Staking Defi protocol on Tron with highest APY ever.

Nort Finance is a revolutionary new staking defi dapp designed from the ground up to implement a yield farming strategy to maximise the returns by staking tron with justswap. Nort balances the staked tron within the smart contract with Justswap pool to generate some of the highest APY’s seen in the Tron defi so far.

Nort is designed to be a protocol with completely transparency, no pre-mine, no admin minting powers, and no backdoors.

The contract is public and verifiable to anyone on tronscan. There is no possible admin powers to the protocol in the contract, period.

Go to, and stake your tron to earn nort tokens, you will recieve returns which are withdraw-able 33% per 3 days.

The protocol takes the tron and converts half of the tron to nort tokens. Than the smart contract auto stake the tron-nort pair on Justswap and gets the S-NORT-TRX Liquidity tokens from Justswap, hence effectively staking the S-NORT-TRX tokens within the contracts and generating yeild of Nort tokens on Justswap.

The (3 day-33%) unstake cycle will encourage growth while managing a smooth TVL volatility considerably.

You can stake multiple times if you like, but the claim countdown is reset every time you stake and every time you claim 1/3 of your rewards. This encourages everyone to stake everything right away, and it rewards the earliest stakers who took the biggest risk the most.

How to earn with Nort finance—

  1. Stake Tron on to earn yeild of NORT tokens from the protocol.

2. Refer your friends to instantly get 10% of the amount they stake in form of NORT tokens.

1. Staking contract

2. Nort token contract

This is not financial advice, smart contracts exerts certain security risks. Also cryptocurrencies included in the protocol such as TRX and NORT can lose value in the market. Please invest with caution.

God Bless.

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