CAT BA - the largest island in Ha Long Bay

Monkey Island - Cat Ba

CAT BA is the largest island in Ha Long Bay with beautiful caves and jungles.

Half of Cat Ba Island is National park with its beautiful hills, lakes (Ech - the largest lake) and two caves (hospital cave and Hang Trung Trang cave). The park was founded in 1986 primarily to protect the interesting ecosystems (forests, swamps, mangroves and reefs). At the eastern side of the island lies the beautiful Lan Ha Bay and several unexplored and deserted beaches. Island occupies an area of approximately 350 km² and is one of the prettiest islands in Ha Long Bay.

Cat Ba Island is the perfect place to stay near the sea in northern Vietnam.

The island has the rich flora and you can found here up to 745 kinds of plants, trees and herbs. They can be seen when you are trekking through the island. In the Cat Ba Island also, of course, you can stay. Accommodation and services you can find around the town in the southern part of the island. It is recommended to take some cash to the island. According to information, there are only about 3 ATMs.

In the southern part of the island you can also visit the hospital cave (Han Quan Y). It was built between 1963–1965 and it was an important place in the war with USA. You can see here 17 rooms, operating room and a large cave that was used as a cinema.

Cat Ba island


1. From the island of Tuan Chau

• boats / ferry from terminal
• ferry sail 3 times a day in off season and 5 times a day in high season
• to the northern part of Cat Ba Island - into Gian Luan Pier port
• the quickest and shortest variant (price - 70 000 dongs for ticket, the journey takes around 1 hour)
• You can take with you a motorcycle (price - 90 000 dongs per person with a motorcycle)
• then still need to get into the town in the southern part of the island, you can take the bus (25 000 dongs)

2. From the city of Hai Phong (Ben Binh Harbour)

• boats / ferry, Ben Binh harbour
tickets for boats from Hai Phong > Cat Ba can be booked online at Baolau
• to the southern part of the island, into the town on the island of Cat Ba
• the journey is longer and more expensive (about 150–250 000 Dong) but you will come straight into the town on the island of Cat Ba
• if you arrive by train from Hanoi, Hai Phong is probably the best option how to get to the island
sometime in 2017 should be the city connected with the island of Cat Ba with a bridge, traffic will be changed

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