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Hair, skin need tad extra care during rains

If the weather report predicts rain or thunder showers in Bangalore over the next few days, it is time to prepare your skin and hair for it.

The moisture content in the atmosphere leads to fungal bacterial infections, acne breakouts, frizzy hair, to name a few.

Humidity in the atmosphere makes hair strands absorb water and this leads to changes in your hair texture. So how to manage hair better on such days? By conditioning the hair well. Applying hair serums with multivitamins can seal in the moisture and prevent the frizziness.

That’s not all. Fungal infections arise when there is more humidity and when sweat accumulates within skin folds. Wearing clothes which have not dried well, having low immunity, coming into contact with another person having fungal infections can make it all worse.

Keeping such areas dry is one way to prevent fungus from spreading. The do’s including wearing clothes that have been soaked in warm water, washed well and dried well. Such simple measures help prevent fungal infections arising due to humidity in the rainy season.

Acne breakouts are also common due to humidity. Applying face packs with fruit-acid based face washes and splashing water to keep the oil and grime away helps keep the skin glowing despite the dull weather.

Rashes and itches occur when chemicals and gaseous substances in the skin dissolve. Washing rain water off your skin and hair along with applications of soothing lotions and oral medications help tide over this reaction pattern.

Also, do not tie your hair when it’s wet. Hair when wet and tied for long gives rise to mold formation and dandruff on scalp. Using mild cleansers and making sure your hair is dry before tying it or wearing a helmet will go a long way in protecting hair.

By taking care of skin and hair health with these basic tips makes sure the rains can be enjoyed in its rawest form.

Dr.Tina Ramachander consults at SkinSolutionz, 11/12, Sahakarnagar, Bellary road, via Bangalore International Airport road, Bengaluru 560091.

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