Advantage of Surveillance Cameras Over Human Security for Homes and Businesses

Domestic and industrial surveillance is now made impregnable with the installation of surveillance cameras and here we will talk about the advantages of having these cameras in your premises.


1. Surveillance camera does not get tired so it has a definite edge over human security arrangements and has the ability to function 24 x 7 without incurring excess expenditure. It means comprehensive round the clock security to protect properties and lives without the fallibility of human trait.

2. The cameras can be installed anywhere and at any angle which is not possible with manned security and manipulated to cover 360 degree. This ensures that no area in a household or industry is left unmanned or uncovered and are always in focus to detect crime and avert it.

3. Cases like breaching the premises by thieves and burglars are immediately detected and alerted by the security cameras as the system they are connected to will trigger off alarm bells to deter the intruder as well as inform the inhabitants of the breach.

4. There is no chance of error with the surveillance cameras as they are machines and are programmed to function without interruption and tirelessly scan the areas they are meant to secure with ceaseless functioning. Human security has no such ability and is likely to slip off and may even have to confront intruders with firearms when the situation demands. This could be messy and highly avoidable if you are a home or a business center where such incidents are not in favor of the owners’ mental health.

5. The CCTV surveillance system with cameras is able to record events and store them for reviewing them later. The system also allows the owners to view the incidents that take place in their property in real time and take appropriate action when intrusion is detected.

6. Another major advantage with the surveillance cameras is that a owner can use the cameras for remote viewing when on transit or on business somewhere else. This also gives business owners the advantage of keeping an eye on the work progress in their establishments and tracking of the business transactions. For house owners it gives the advantage of monitoring the security of their homes from a far away distance such as a holiday resort.


This article is about the surveillance cameras and the advantages they offer to house owners and business people and how they allow the owners to keep an eye their property and business while they are away from them.