Stuffed to the gills with pancakes…

Hoorah for the one day of the year when it’s totally acceptable to eat nothing but fried batter smothered in all manner of sickly sweet syrups and spreads. Lest we forget though that this teatime treat has a deeper meaning, and, whether you have religious leanings or not, signifies the giving up or abstaining from one thing or another for the 40 days from Ash Wednesday through to Easter Sunday.

What’ll it be then? Did you do dry January? It’s a bit soon to hide the gin again just yet isn’t it? Sugar free February has just come to an end, can you cope with another 40 days without chocolate (I’d imagine the temptation to then binge at Easter would be pretty hard to resist.) So why not give up something that’s bad for the environment and your pocket (instead of just plain old bad for you.) I know that I am far from the first to suggest this but I am totally prepared to jump on board the bandwagon with both feet: Let’s stop wasting food for Lent. Give up binning food from tomorrow and if you are able to plan your meals accordingly for 40 days then I am sure you can make it a habit for life! On a foodie note, they do say that the average person needs to try a new food 30 times before their tastebuds will become accustomed to it, so 40 days for a habit to form seems a fair comparison!

The ever fantastic Love Food Hate Waste organisation is championing this drive and their website is full of great tips and ideas on how to succeed, including lots of delicious leftover recipes. www.lovefoodhatewaste

I’ll also refer you to my previous blog on meal planning, it is absolutely the way forward in cutting waste and saving you money too, plus 40 days is a goodly period of time to just give it a go and see how you get on. It WILL save you money and you WILL still be able to eat chocolate and drink wine… it’s a win win.

If you’re ready and willing use this #giveupbinningfood to join in the conversation on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, good luck!

Picture courtesy of OLIO
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