Cybersecurity in Canada

We are living in an age where our economies and government are largely dependent on cyber (computer-based) makes them more vulnerable to cyber-attacks on our computer systems, networks, and data. Therefore cybersecurity is necessary for the protection of our computer systems and data.


It is the defending of computer systems, mobiles, and electronic devices from theft or malicious attack.It is also termed as Information Technology security or electronic information security. It mainly consists of a set of tools, risk management approaches, technologies and best practices designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data. The field is growing in importance as the dependency on computer systems and the internet is increasing. Due to its complexity, both in the form of politics and technology, it is one of the major challenges for our country. The main reason for the cyberattacks is destroying, changing or accessing sensitive information. Cyber-attacks include malware, social engineering, ransomware, and phishing. Therefore successful cybersecurity is required. It consists of several layers of protection spread across computers, networks, programs, or data. There should be a strong relationship among the people, processes, and technology in order to create an effective defense from cyber-attacks.

Cyber-Security is much more than a matter of IT.” Stephane Nappo

Main actors in Canada:

The main actors of cyber threat are states, groups, or individuals who, with malicious or harmful intent, try to get the advantage of vulnerabilities, low cybersecurity awareness, and technological developments.Their main aim is to get unauthorized access to information systems in order to get access or otherwise affect victims’ data, devices, systems, and networks. These threat actors can be physically located anywhere in the world as the internet possess globalized nature, however, they still affect the security of information systems in Canada

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.” Stephane Nappo

The position of the country:

According to new research, most Canadians believe cybercrime as a threat to their country, while plenty of people also feel that their probability of being victimized by cybercrime is increasing. Research revealed that nine out of 10 Canadians believe that cybercrime was an important challenge as far as the internal security and peace of Canada is concerned. Canadians also believe that cybercrime is a more important challenge and difficult to handle as compare to terrorism, human trafficking, or money laundering. They also think that the authorities, including law enforcement, are not working enough and satisfactory to fight cybercrime. These studies depict the strongest indication yet that, unless cybersecurity and cybercrime deterrence are treated as priorities by government agencies and corporations, the level at which systems and data are abused will continue to increase, further decreasing the public’s trust in technology. Therefore, maintaining and increasing that trust is highly vital to Canada’s economic well-being, now and in the future.

“Technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one.” Stephane Nappo

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