The impact of Legal Tech over lawyers’ skills

Legal Tech has important impacts in the legal industry and is really driving the innovation in the legal sector. Legal Tech is driving changes in the way legal services are provided, delivered and packaged and even what we define as a legal service or product is modified.

Furthermore, lawyers should work with people who are not lawyers to optimally identify the changes in the business world that are impacting law and the changes in the law marketplaces that are impacting business.

  • So what are the most important skills for the 21st century lawyer?

Nowadays, lawyers must adapt to the changing circumstances and changes in the world in which they operate, as well as the evolution of the work tools they use on a daily basis.

Lawyers must have concrete occupational service related trade oriented skills. Indeed, the following skills are almost essential in today’s legal world: project management, business acumen, social networking, technology, understanding legal industry. So those are very important skills for tomorrow’s lawyers. Moreover, there is another set that are really desired by clients right now and those are the skills of collaborative problem-solving.

Law is already hard enough but it’s necessary to add technology, process and project management skills because lawyers not only have to face law issues but also finance problems, accounting problems, or technology questions.

The key skill that comes up in most cases is project management. Indeed, great lawyers are actually great project managers.

“There has been an inversion of things where people think the only thing that you do in that role is be a substantive expert, but if you really think about it you’re actually trying to manage, decompose the project, get it out the right work out to the right people, oversee that work, make sure it’s being done in a high-quality and proper manner and then roll it all back up to a solution to the client” — Professor Daniel M. Katz.

So with these additional skills, lawyers would do more efficient work and be able to do higher quality work with just basic application of those principles from different sectors.

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