The tech community giving back!

Since its creation in 1875, SickKids has been leading the fight for kids’ health. The Hospital is fully dedicated to the improvement of the society by taking care of children’s health everywhere.

Nowadays, big advancements in scientific knowledge and technology are spreading everywhere and in every fields. This represents a major opportunity for SickKids constantly adapting to evolve along the healthcare field. However, a big battle SickKids is facing today is against limits. Indeed, to be ready for the next round, the hospital needs to update its infrastructure so that the full potential of the organization can be reached. For now it is an old building that is becoming more and more restrictive to care for children and that does not allow to use optimally all the tools available to the hospital and its teams. 21st century medicine can’t be practiced in a 1949 building so the objective is to make a transition and build a new SickKids hospital, ready to welcome precision genetic medicine, surgical robotics and to harnessing big data to save lives.

“We will create a hospital with room for technology that’s on the cutting edge and at the bedside built to control infections and one that attracts world-class medical leaders. We will recruit more of the best scientists from all around the world and invest in clinical trials to rapidly translate research discoveries into practice. Sick kids will lead the development of a new more effective integrated system of care. We will partner with other healthcare facilities here and around the world to help as many kids as possible, because we believe where you live shouldn’t determine if you live” — SickKids.

To do so, SickKids is launching one of the largest fundraising campaigns that has ever existed: “SickKids VS Limits”. It’s a massive challenge as it will take 1.3 billion dollars in donations to achieve this project.

As a part of this project, SickKids is challenging Canada’s tech leaders to be as invested in SickKids future as they are in their companies. Indeed, to push the limits, SickKids knows that advanced technology and data programs are the key to driving the future of child health. This is why the hospital has created a tech advisory council with many resources and partners. It means that the tech and innovation community is involved in this new adventure and for the first time is taking part in a healthcare project like this one.

In our ever evolving world, the tech and innovation community is redefining how we live today, as well as how we connect with people, how we think and act, how we invest. In that sense its members have power and responsibility. This is why SickKids is issuing a fundraising challenge to all of them. The goal is $25 million dollars for new, state-of-the-art spaces, people, and programs. SickKids needs the support from this community as technology and innovation are at the forefront nowadays. So in this project, the tech and innovation community will play an integral role giving and investing to meet the challenge.

Each individual and company can take part in this project, so join the challenge and help SickKids improve the healthcare system!

Our networking events promotes North America as a dynamic place for business opportunity by highlighting digital media & technology companies.

Our networking events promotes North America as a dynamic place for business opportunity by highlighting digital media & technology companies.