What Happens When Your Win Deloitte’s Fast50 Competition

Deloitte’s Fast50 Competition celebrates and recognizes forward-thinking companies at the cutting edge of innovative technologies. It brings together top-notch companies to present their concepts in front of a selected jury.

Being part of Fast50 and Rising Star (the award for best revenue potential for companies with less than 4 years of activity) nominees allows entrepeneur to enter a network of like-minded people who have been or are going through the same process. You enter a network that will help you develop your business.

This network is maded up of Fast50 and Rising Star alumni, incubators, private equity firms, coporates and representatives from the investor and start-up communities. Being part of this community that the competition brings together is one of the better aspect of this event.

But winning the competition, whether the Fast50 or Rising Star award, is the grand prize that every nominee wishes to earn.

Winning Deloitte’s Fast50 award recognition and credibility to customers and investors alike. The companie’s brand and reputation gain a huge boost in visibility, which could potentially lead to a boost in growth.

So if you think being part of an incredible network of successful executives can beneficial to your company (which it usually is), and if you think you have what it takes to be among the fastest-growing tech innovators in Canada, you can register here before May 31st 2018:


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