What Is Osteoarthritis? Can Acupuncture Alleviate It?

Osteoarthritis is a pain condition affecting the joints, usually cured using medications. However, acupuncture can also help to alleviate it, without any side effects.

Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease is basically characterised by pain triggered due to changes in joints, affecting one’s mobility and also their overall lifestyle. The cure for the pain is usually pharmaceutical painkillers, but they seldom succeed in alleviating the discomfort altogether and barely help to lead a normal life. In some cases, the affected joints are replaced, and that is as better as conventional treatment gets.

The biggest irony with osteoarthritis is that often the affected joints seem very normal on X-rays, whereas the unaltered ones appear to be terrible upon examination. But there is a plausible reason behind it — movement of joints does not rely solely on joint cavity. There is a plethora of other important factors, including ligaments, tendons, joint fluids, muscles and blood supply. The key to keeping most of these components healthy and fit is regular exercising. Staying active and making the joints work more can even help to prevent them from being afflicted by arthritis.

While exercising may also work well for people who are suffering from the pangs of degenerative joint disease already, it is not nearly enough. As has been mentioned already, strong pain medicines do exist that can provide respite from the discomfort of arthritis. They consist of powerful chemicals that give a boost to energy, improve sleep patterns and reduce the pain to a significant extent. However, the relief will only be temporary and once the effects of the medications wear off, the pain may come back to make life difficult again. And that is where acupuncture can be introduced to alleviate the ache as well as inflammation.

In the recent times, the efficacy of acupuncture in treating arthritis has been studied and researched by various experts in Northern Beaches, who tried understanding the way that this therapy works against the pain condition. Several clinical trials have been performed on groups of individuals suffering from it. In almost every study, 50 percent of the patients were treated with acupuncture, whereas the remaining people received conventional medical care. In the end, it was found that the one who were administered with acupuncture showed more decrease in joint pain than those who weren’t.

Thus, acupuncture treatment is a highly useful tool for controlling arthritic pain without any kind of adverse effect. It can be used in conjunction with conventional pain medications or simply as a part of physiotherapy process — either way, the treatment is bound to provide long lasting relief, and aid in leading a better lifestyle.