How Do You Determine Your Glove Size?

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Oct 24, 2019 · 2 min read

No person in the world wants to buy a pair of gloves or mittens that don’t fit them properly. We’re sure you want to buy the perfect fit as you’re not buying them to try on or just to collect them. We understand that you try every time before buying, especially, when buying online. But with our sizing chart, we ensure that you’ll find a perfect fit for yourself.

How to measure the right fit for your gloves?

Finding the proper glove size is quite easy with the following steps:

  • Measure around the hand to the fullest part with the help of measuring tape.
Measurement for Hand Gloves
Measurement for Hand Gloves
  • Measure your hand from the tip of the finger to the base of the hand.
  • Measure around knuckles of your hand. Keep the tape tight. Don’t keep it too tight otherwise, you’ll end up buying a small size.
  • Measure your dominant hand, obviously if you’re right-handed measure right hand and if you’re left-handed measure the left one.

Things to keep in mind while choosing the right fitted glove

· The very first thing to keep in mind that every manufacturer uses different measuring units to define the size of their gloves — Some indicate glove sizes by inches and others by XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Before purchasing winter gloves in wholesale, don’t forget to check out the hand measurement size table. Use the tables below to find your size.

Hand Measurement
Hand Measurement

· The glove should be a bit loose so that it can mold with your hand over time.

· If you don’t have a measuring tape, simply use a string or a cable cord, measure your hand circumference as mentioned above and use a ruler or folding rule to get your size.

· Men and women gloves are not cut the same way and will differ in terms of finger diameter and elasticity.

If you’re buying gloves to keep your hands warm in chilly winter, we recommend you to go for deerskin leather gloves.

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